Blog Attempt, Take Six

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I want to be a prolific blogger. I really do.

I want to write posts that inspire, motivate, inform, provoke, amuse and entertain. Make a difference with my writing, even if it’s only in someone’s moment.

But here’s the thing. I have always had this love-hate thing with writing. Some days I absolutely love sitting down and stringing words together across a blank screen. Other days, I would rather lie on a bed of nails.

Plus, I’d rather read than write. After all, it’s a lot easier to scroll through Facebook posts, catch up on back issues of AARP and Smithsonian magazines and keep somewhat abreast of daily news stories than it is to come up with things to write about–and then to actually sit down and do the actual writing. Blogging is hard work.

It’s also a lot safer (as in cowardly) to read and admire the work of other writers than to risk exposing myself as someone who just might not be all that talented or skillful with words. Not to mention being audacious enough to put my ideas, opinions, thoughts and feelings out there for others to skim, ridicule or ignore.  Blogging is not for sissies.

I have started and abandoned five blogs over the past several years. When I revisit them, months after the last post, I can honestly say I don’t really regret anything I’d shared on them. I don’t regret what I named them or tried to accomplish through them. I only truly regret leaving them behind, like so many cast-offs, until the purpose with which I started them just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

But why do I stop posting to them in the first place? Why can’t I commit to them? Why do I always get to the point where I start avoiding the act of writing altogether, sometimes for months at a time, just so I don’t have to return to that latest blog and try to pick up where I left off?

And—more importantly—is it a pattern I can break with this, my sixth attempt at launching a blog and sticking to it on a consistent basis?

Beats me.

All I know is, I keep coming back to writing. I always have. I can avoid it, ignore it, discount it, say that I hate it. But I always come back to it. Always.

I wanted to name this blog “Take Six,” but the dot com URL was taken (it’s up for sale, but I’m not about to pay ransom for it). So instead, I have decided to name this blog after the original ezine and website I launched shortly after getting online over 15 years ago, a labor of love that I stayed true to for nearly a decade.

WriteSuccess. My first website. My Twitter handle. And now, my blog.

Here goes.

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  1. Welcome back. I’m looking forward to your new journey!

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