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“I can accept failure – everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”~Michael Jordan – Professional Basketball Player

Hi there:

My name is Mary Anne Hahn, and I am addicted to writing. And reading. And starting blogs.

In my high school yearbook, I listed my career goal as “Professional Freelance Writer.” That was in 1974. That’s how far back this addiction goes.

I’ve written many, many articles over the years. Dabbled with being a newspaper stringer. Wrote radio scripts and marketing materials. Started and abandoned novels. Eked out a couple of short stories that never saw the light of day.

Then came the internet.

Ever since I first got online with a dial-up connection back in 2000, I have wanted to show other writers how to make money with their craft online by achieving that goal myself.  For nearly a decade I published a weekly e-zine for writers. I’ve written many more articles. Made some decent money as a ghost blogger.

Sometimes I stopped writing for a while. But I always came back to it. It’s what I do.

So what’s my point? What’s the point of this blog?

It’s that there’s a reason old dreams don’t want to die. They want you to pursue them…make them real. They are what you are here to do.

My dream has always been to make an impact, and a living, as a freelance writer.

I invite you, through my blog, to realize yours.

Here’s to your success.

Mary Anne Hahn